car illustrations

Artwork by KHI Art

Automotive transmissions, differentials and mechanical components

Car transmission

Cutaway of an 6-speed automatic transmission.

Car differential illustration

The cutaway above shows a Powertrax limited-slip differential illustration revealing the ring gear, pinion gear, spider gear and axle shafts.

Engine oil filter cutaway

The rendering above is a cutaway of a typical passenger car's engine oil filter.

Car manual transmission illustration

This cutaway illustration image shows a typical manual transmission from a front wheel drive automobile, showing shafts, splines, gears, roller bearings and a torque converter.

FWD car axle cv-joint

The exploded diagram rendering above is of a car's front wheel drive CV-joint and axle.

ETCS throttle body illustration

These line-and-tone drawings show a ETCS (Electronic Throttle Control System) throttle body and throttle butterfly valve on a standard car engine.

SUV limited slip differential

This cutaway shows a limited-slip differential from a medium-duty pickup truck or SUV.

Engine starter motor

The ghosted cutaway illustration above is of a typical car starter motor.

Clutch assembly diagram

This exploded diagram of a twin-disc clutch assembly shows the clutch plates, throwout bearing, friction plates, pressure plate and flywheel.

4-speed manual transmission

The cutaway line drawing above shows a 4-speed manual transmission from a typical passenger car, showing the clutch assembly and clutch plates, throwout bearing, friction plates, gears, shafts and roller bearings.

Engine spark plug

The realistic rendering above is of a high-performance aftermarket spark plug.

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