car illustrations

Artwork by KHI Art

Car line drawings and black-and-white line-art diagrams

Engine line drawing

The selections of line drawings on this page cover a full range of complexity from simple black-and-white icons, spot illustrations and vehicle dimensions diagrams to highly complex multi-color line art diagrams and technical line drawings.

Passenger seating diagram

This top-view diagram of an SUV mini-van shows various seating configurations.

Car aerodynamics illustration

This simple line diagram shows a passenger car's aerodynamics and drag coefficient as if it were in a wind tunnel.

Section-view engine

This section-view line drawing shows a laterally-sectioned elevation of a V6 car engine.

Cutaway car line drawing

This screenshot shows the vector line art drawing of a major cutaway car illustration.

Honda CX engine and transmission

These simple line drawings show a Honda CX engine and Multimatic CVT continuously variable transmission.

Manual transmission line drawing

The line drawing above is of a 5-speed manual transmission from a Japanese sports car.

steel unibody line drawing

The simple line drawing is of a car's steel unibody structure that has been laterally sectioned.

Car parts line drawings

The above series of simple line drawings were part of a collection of over 100 spot images of mechanical components that were created for Nissan Motor Corp. of North America.

Muffler bypass valve

The simple line drawing diagram shows a spring-loaded muffler flap valve which reduces exhaust system back-pressure.

vehicle dimensions diagram

This line drawing diagram is used to illustrate the car's exterior dimensions, showing the vehicle's wheelbase, overall length, width and height.

Caster and camber diagram

The simple line drawing diagram above illustrates a car's steering tow-in, caster and camber.

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