car illustrations

Artwork by KHI Art

Car chassis, undercarriage and frame illustrations

SUV chassis and driveline

This image shows a heavy-duty chassis and driveline from a large sport utility vehicle.

This portfolio contains illustrations of car chassis frames and undercarriages, suv and truck chassis frames, car sub-frames and chassis components.

Aerial top view of SUV chassis

This aerial-view illustration shows a typical chassis from an SUV.

Truck chassis, driveline and suspension

this ground-view illustration shows a chassis frame, suspension and driveline from a typical pickup truck or sport-utility-vehicle.

Truck i-beam frame construction

These two sectioned diagrams illustrate a truck's i-beam frame construction with double-wall gusseting and structural reinforcements.

Luxury German car chassis and driveline

The luxury 4-door sedan image above illustrates a German car driveline and rear wheel drive chassis seen through a line drawing of the exterior body.

Top view of a car sub-frame rear suspension

The overhead view illustration above shows a car's isolated cradle sub-frame and rear suspension unit.

Ladder-frame truck chassis

The illustration above shows an i-beam ladder-frame truck chassis with leaf-spring rear suspension and a fixed solid axle. This image also shows sound-deadening floor panels and insulation.

top view SUV frame chassis

This aerial-view illustration shows a typical chassis from an SUV.

Front wheel drive cradle frame chassis

This top view illustration shows the FWD cradle frame chassis and V8 engine from a typical front wheel drive passenger car. This image also shows the rack-and-pinion steering unit and suspension.

Passenger car chassis driveline

This high 3/4 view illustration shows a chassis and driveline from a typical modern passenger car.

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