car illustrations

Artwork by KHI Art

Generic car ABS systems, electrical systems, exhaust systems, AC systems and components

Generic car systems

This portfolio contains ghosted and cutaway illustrations of generic car systems and sub-systems such as the the electrical system, exhaust system, cooling system, air conditioning system, abs braking system, driveline and suspension system.

Car electrical system

This image is an illustration of a generic car electrical system diagram with the main wiring harness, electrical connections and plugs, interior and exterior lighting, heated rear-view mirrors, window defrosters, computerized engine management systems, 12V battery and alternator, fuses and relays, and miscellaneous electrical components. This Photoshop layer is part of the 2012 generic car cutaway shown at the top of this page.

Car exhaust system

This Photoshop layer shows catalytic converter, muffler, exhaust pipes and exhaust manifold incorporated into the vehicle's chassis driveline. The entire exhaust system can be isolated on its own individual layer.

Car ABS system overhead diagram

This overhead diagram shows a passenger car ABS system with wheels, disc brakes, plumbing hoses and hydraulic brake lines, anti-lock-brakes wheel sensors, actuator, computer controller and electrical wiring.

Car air conditioning system

The image above is a ghosted illustration of a generic passenger car engine with the entire automotive air conditioning system, showing the compressor, A/C pump, condenser and hoses.

Heating and cooling system diagram

This section-view engine diagram shows the coolant flow through the engine's water jacket, radiator and interior cabin heating element.

Engine cooling system

This next image is a generic car engine with the engine cooling system, showing the radiator, thermostat, water pump and hoses.

Car exhaust system overhead diagram

This overhead diagram shows a passenger car's exhaust system, catalytic converter, mufflers and exhaust pipes incorporated into the vehicle's driveline.

Car anti-lock braking system

This illustration shows a passenger car's anti-lock braking system with disc brakes, hydraulic brake lines, wheel sensors, brake actuator and brake booster with master cylinder.

Passenger sedan ABS system

This ghosted illustration shows an economy passenger sedan's ABS system through a faded exterior body.

Hybrid car exhaust system diagram

This diagram depicts a hybrid car's exhaust system with its catalytic converter, mufflers and exhaust pipe.

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