car illustrations

Artwork by KHI Art

Portfolio of Acura illustrations from brochures and national ads

NSX cutaway

This illustration of the Acura NSX sports car was created digitally using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

This collection of technical illustrations was done for Acura of North America over the last two decades and includes artwork for the Acura Integra, Legend, TL, RL and the legendary NSX sportscar.

Legend engine

This cutaway shows an Acura Legend engine and front-wheel-drive manual transmission.

Integra cutaway

This cutaway of the Acura Integra was done in airbrush, acrylic, ink and illustration board.

Acura TL cutaway

This spread reprint is from the Acura TL consumer brochure.

Acura RL cutaway NSX fact book illustrations

The image above is a sampling of illustrations that appeared in Acura's NSX fact book which was a coffee-table sized gift book that was given out to NSX buyers.

Acura TL engine cutaway

This cutaway engine was used in the Acura TL consumer brochure.

Acura RL safety features

This drawing shows the RL's passenger safety features.